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Steps to install Adobe AEM (CQ) 5.6 on Amazon AWS

Here are the quick steps to install the Adobe AEM 5.6 (aka CQ 5.6) authoring instance on Amazon linux instance. Connect to AWS server Connect to the server using Putty or similar software and navigate to the directory where you want to install your AEM instance. If the CQ jar and license properties file are […]

CQ5 Development – How to Build a CQ5 Page Template

In my last article in this series we discussed about how to Setup a new CQ application/project. This article demonstrates how to create a custom page template in Adobe AEM 5.6 (aka CQ5). A Template is a basis of a page and it defines which components can be used within the selected scope. Its the […]

CQ5 Development – How to setup a new CQ application/project

This series of articles aims to help you start with Adobe AEM (aka CQ5) development. I will demonstrate how to implement the following using AEM 5.6: Setup a new CQ application/site Create a CQ Template Create a Page rendering Component Create Pages in CQ Setup a new CQ application/projects CQ application comprises of elements like […]

Quick Overview of Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) provides an integrated solution for customers digital marketing efforts. It includes a complete set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting, Web experience management, mobile services, cross-channel campaign management solutions and a social-enabled UI that brings together everything marketers need to know about their campaigns. Watch this video to get a better understanding […]

Developing FB App Using Facebook C# SDK – Errors and Gotcha’s

To utilize some of my vacation time in a more productive manner I started building a Facebook App (details and source code will be posted soon) using Facebook C# SDK. Here is a list of some error and gotcha’s I have encounter during the initial development and setup. I will try to update this page […]

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft has finally released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the public. So here’s your chance to download and be one of the first to try it out. The file sizes range from 2.5 to 3.3 GB depending on your preference between the 32-bit or 64-bit versions, so you may be downloading for quite some […]

Windows 7 Vs Windows Server 2008 for SharePoint Development

Microsoft made some great improvements with SharePoint 2010 and one of significant one is that now you can run SharePoint 2010 on client Operating Systems like Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Vista with SP2. Now the question arises if one should use Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 for development? I would suggest Windows Server […]

How to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010?

Microsoft team has created some posters to help companies upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The posters covers planning, different approach, validation and deployment required for upgrade. How to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010?

What is SharePoint? When to use it?

Microsoft SharePoint team has released an excellent video that explains in simple terms what SharePoint is, and why/how people use it. If you’re dealing with people who are new to SharePoint and finding it hard to explain what it is, this video might be a savior. It also great to include in a client pitch […]

SharePoint Performance Optimization – Part 1

Use 64-bit Win Server 2008 servers for Web servers Next version of SharePoint will be 64-bit only is a good enough reason to use a 64-bit operating system (Windows Server 2008) for all new installation. If you plan for and implement 64-bit MOSS now, it may make your upgrade path in the future a little […]

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